Making Tennis Entertaining

Not that I was really looking for a reason to watch a tennis tournament, but I found two.  The Madrid Masters in Spain is using adult models as ballgirls for the tournament.  Despite the negative reaction of Spanish government officials, equality groups and (not sure why his opinion on this matters) Andre Agassi, the marketing [...]

Stripper Golf Rules

Well, our post about strippers & golf made us think that there should be rules in place for events like that.  So, here’s our start: 1) Lap dance stations should be set up on holes not visible from private property.  If all holes are visible from public roads or property, DO NOT HAVE STRIPPERS AT THE [...]

Golf Even We Could Play

Every few years this seems to make the news–police in the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania area were called to investigate complaints of a golf outing featuring lap dances, naked women, and orgies. Apparently the police were called after two non-particpents were denied access to a public road shared by the course and one of said non-particpents friends. [...]

Hugh Hefner Movie in the Works?

Hugh Hefner has signed off on a movie project, which will result in his life story hitting the big screen. The film, apparently titled ‘Playboy,’ will be produced for Universal by Brian Grazer, who bought the film rights to Hef’s story several years ago. Brett Ratner, who has filmed the hit ”Rush Hour” movies, “X-Men: The Last [...]