Talking Sex Robot Unveiled

Douglas Hines is a happily married inventor from New Jersey, who spent three years trying to find a market for his artificial intelligence technology.  Failing to find a match, he turned to a different avenue. Last month at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, he unveiled the result–Roxxxy, the world’s most sophisticated sex robot. [...]

Concept Motorcycles for the Future…

More random web surfing recently led us to a post of “Concept Motorcycles for 2010.” Some of the bikes on there really look bad ass, like the Mad Max Aitu Motorbike–although I’m not so sure about that seat. Some of the bikes also look like they may be a little bit beyond 2010, to me–like [...]

God Bless the Interweb: Remote Control Beer Cooler

Our dad sent us this one this morning–looks like a great invention.

Exhaust Burger – Mobile Hamburger Barbacue

Well, if you’re idea of the perfect death is croaking while chomping on a nice, juicy hamburger, have we got the tool for you: The Mobile Exhaust Barbacue.  I’m going to assume (hope?  pray?) that’s a prank, but I bet you there’s some folks that would like one, if they could figure out how to [...]

Ouch! Man loses boat when he calls favorite bar.

Alan Thompson is a logical man–when he fell and injured himself while sailing the uninsured boat he just flew to the United States to purchase back to the UK, he grabbed his satellite phone, and dialed for help–at his local pub back in England. The owner of the pub contacted authorities, and quickly the Coast [...]

Extreme Motorcycles

In our travels around the Web today, we stumbled across the top picture of a unicycle here.  Even if it does look a bit like Mr. Garrison’s “It” from South Park, albeith without the uncomfortable controls. Anyway, that image led us to this ‘Cycles Extreme‘ page, which led us to som information on a motorcycle [...]