10 “Bad” Things That Are Good For You

LiveScience.com did a post (a few weeks back) of 10 “Bad Things” that are good for you.  I’ve been kind of torn as to whether or not I should draw (even more) attention to it. On the one hand, it says some of my favorite things–beer, wine, chocolate and sex–are good for you. On the [...]

National Hangover Day – Win A Free Blu-Ray of The Hangover!

New Year’s Eve is coming up in a little more than a week, and you know what that means… In honor, Warner Brothers is declaring New Year’s Day as National Hangover Day, and are encouraging you to watch The Hangover with your friends on New Year’s Day. To make that easier, Warner Brothers has provided [...]

Fire at Guinness Plant Threatens Supply

Just a few months back, we were writing about Guinness turning 250 years old, and having a lease at their brewery at St. John’s Gate that lasts until approximately 10,759 AD. Today, there are fears for the world’s Guinness supply, after a fire broke out at the brewery–although no word on whether it was the [...]

Real Drinks Have…Gummy Bears?

So I stumbled across an article the other day about the World Bartender Championships–at least, I thought it was–when a couple of things jumped out at me. First, the article I first found featured a bartender who’s signature drink is a “White Gummy Bear Martini”.  That sounds wrong on a couple of levels–a “martini” that [...]

Wisconsin Ready to Raise Beer Tax to Fight Alcoholism

Some lawmakers in Wisconsin are ready to increase the tax on beer in the state, from just over $0.02 per bottle and $2 per 31-gallon barrel, in an effort to raise funds to pay for more alcohol treatment programs and law enforcement efforts to fight drunken driving. We don’t really have anything to add to [...]

Chicken Wings, the New Chicken Breast

As the economy continues to struggle, strange things are happening in markets that usually don’t see a lot of change–like the chicken wing industry. Chicken wings, for a long time the red-headed step child to the chicken breast, has recently become the most expensive chicken part at wholesale prices–largely due to high demand, as many [...]