Candles For Men?

My brother asked me a question this morning that jogged a memory–he asked if anyone had invented a bacon scented candle, because that would be…pretty much awesome. It reminded me of an idea I had several years ago, when I was still single, living in an apartment with a couple other guys.  One day at [...]

Guiness Turns 250 Years Old

Back in 1759, Arthur Guiness signed a lease for a brewery in Dublin, Ireland, to start brewing his now famous stout beer.  To celebrate the anniversary, stout-lovers around the world lifted a glass of the foamy black brew to Arthur Thursday at 12:59 PM CT, on what the company has dubbed “Arthur’s Day.” Guinness parent [...]

1800 Tequila Man Cave Contest


Super Bowl Crisis

The recent economic downturn has put a Super Bowl tradition at risk–the bankruptcy of Pilgrim’s Pride in Texas has apparently significanlty impacted the availability of Buffalo wings, which, combined with the high demand for Super Bowl Sunday, is causing prices to skyrocket–as much as a $20 increase for a 50-pound supply in some parts of [...]

2009 World Series of Beer Pong

Well, maybe next year–Manlyweb once again forgot to book their tickets for the annual World Series of Beer Pong.  Even after writing about the 2008 World Series of Beer Pong.  Looks like we need to set a reminder in our calendars. The 2009 World Series of Beer Pong was won by Ron Hamilton and Michael [...]

If you need me, I’ll be on my way to Pennsylvania

Clearfield, Pennsylvania, to be exact.  That’s the home to Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub.  And that is the home of “The Beer Barrel Belly Buster,” a 15-pound hamburger that comes with 5 pounds of toppings and a bun. And Brad Sciullo recently became the first person to ever eat the 15-pound burger by himself, in under [...]