Vodka, Rum & Softball

Participated in a softball tournament this past weekend, which meant it was the perfect chance to break out some of the special booze we’ve recently received. About a month ago, we had said we were going to be taking some vodka along on the annual Canadian fishing trip–well, having seen border crossings go wrong in [...]

But I Haven’t Even Started Yet!

OK, shocking admission time–I’m 30 years old, and I’ve never played beer pong.  Partly because it wasn’t a huge fad yet when I was in college, and partly because I’ve never really needed an excuse to drink. But, I have to admit, the thought of attending the 2009 World Series of Beer Pong did cross [...]

Holy S**t–He Beat My GPA

We’ll ignore for the moment the fact that all t-shirts like this one are comparing a scale that usually goes to 4.0 and a scale on which 0.5 technically means you’re dead–at least in the state of Rhode Island, where a man was arrested early Tuesday with a measured blood alcohol reading of .491.  That’s [...]

July 4th Taste Testing

So, over this weekend, we’ve finally had a chance to break out a couple things that we’ve been saving for a rainy day. First, we finally cracked into the bottle of 1800 Select Silver Tequila we got a while back.  Haven’t been big into tequila since a particularly fun night (but not so fun next [...]

God Bless the Interweb: Remote Control Beer Cooler

Our dad sent us this one this morning–looks like a great invention.

Economic Downturn Hits New Low

Just read a brief article of a disturbing trend related to the “economic downturn”–apparently, according to Miller, people are starting to trade down to cheaper beers.  And we’re not talking a small step down–we’re talking about people switching to Milwaukee’s Best. I mean, Milwaukee’s Best has it’s place–but that place is in college dorms and [...]