Illinois Man Plans to Go Out In Style

Back in college, one of the bars near our house used to have quarter tap beer nights, where you could get a [small] glass of beer for a quarter. The catch was, it was PBR. But it was a quarter, so you know we bought it–often 3-4 per person at a time. Illinois resident Bill [...]

Beer Facts

I was cruising the net this morning, actually looking at some work related blogs that I regularly check out, when I came across an article called ‘15 Beer Factoids That Will Make You Look Smart.’ Being a bit of a beer connoisseur (love that MGD), I thought I’d check it out.  To be honest, I [...]

Beer Can Chicken with a Poultry Pal

Well, if any of you checked out and bookmarked the Bacon Salt Blog from our post last week, you may have already seen this, but I thought since it’s been slow, I’d post it anyways. They recently had a chance to review a product called the Poultry Pal, which is basically an advanced way to [...]

Greatest Product Ever?

There are currently over 50 blogs that we have in our subscription list to check on a somewhat regular basis.  One of the more frequent blogs we visit is called Get Rich Slowly, a blog about financial responsibility and stuff like that.  Because, well, we want to be rich someday. But we never really expected [...]

PETA Isn’t Finger Lickin’ Good

In news much more amusing to us than a hockey player getting his neck cut during a game, PETA is opposing a recent proposed bill in Kentucky that would name KFC as the state’s “Offical Picnic Food.” Proposed by State Representative Charles Siler, the bill is aimed to recognize that KFC has brought worldwide attention [...]

Exhaust Burger – Mobile Hamburger Barbacue

Well, if you’re idea of the perfect death is croaking while chomping on a nice, juicy hamburger, have we got the tool for you: The Mobile Exhaust Barbacue.  I’m going to assume (hope?  pray?) that’s a prank, but I bet you there’s some folks that would like one, if they could figure out how to [...]