More Sports Injuries Added

Watching the Vikings game today, saw another one of those gruesome sports injuries that for some reason facinate us.  Unfortunately it was a Viking–Charles Gordon–suffering the injury (which, in our expert medical opinion, was probably a dislocated and broken ankle, and/or broken leg). Also reminded us that someone recently sent us a link to a [...]

New Hockey Injury Added–Richard Zednik

If you’re one of the loyal Manlyweb readers (you lucky few), you probably already know that we have a Sports Injury section of the site, which we try to update with some regularity.  Well, we thought we’d pass along the latest update–Richard Zednick, who plays for the Florida Panthers (hoc-key?), had his neck sliced last [...]

Back from Vegas!

Well, we actually got back from Vegas Tuesday night.  We were going to blog while we were there, but we didn’t get around to getting the computer out.  And we were going to blog when we got back, but…well…we didn’t right away.  Tough. The trip went well–won some money in the sports book, won even [...]

Welcome to Manlyweb News, version 14

We weren’t all that thrilled with how the latest Manlyweb News section turned out–that’s what happen when we rely on ourselves to code this stuff–so we finally paid someone to help us design an actual blog again.  Unlike our last blog, which we lost when we melted down another server at our 4th or 5th [...]