Lingerie Bowl VI Set to Kick Off

After two years of cancellations, Super Bowl fans will once again be able to delight in the ultimate in halftime entertainment…Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl!  Wait–that was never cancelled–oh, yeah, we mean Lingerie BowlVI! Lingerie Bowls IV and V were both cancelled due, first in 2007 due to lack of people willing to pay to watch [...]

Another Tournament Worth Excelling At

Some friends of mine regularly get together for drinks, and depending on the location, almost always end up playing those touch screen video games at the bar.  Their game of choice: Penthouse Erotic Photo Hunt That’s the game where you have two Penthouse Pet of the Month pictures (usually from the 80′s) side by side, [...]

2009 World Series of Beer Pong

Well, maybe next year–Manlyweb once again forgot to book their tickets for the annual World Series of Beer Pong.  Even after writing about the 2008 World Series of Beer Pong.  Looks like we need to set a reminder in our calendars. The 2009 World Series of Beer Pong was won by Ron Hamilton and Michael [...]

Vodka, Rum & Softball

Participated in a softball tournament this past weekend, which meant it was the perfect chance to break out some of the special booze we’ve recently received. About a month ago, we had said we were going to be taking some vodka along on the annual Canadian fishing trip–well, having seen border crossings go wrong in [...]

But I Haven’t Even Started Yet!

OK, shocking admission time–I’m 30 years old, and I’ve never played beer pong.  Partly because it wasn’t a huge fad yet when I was in college, and partly because I’ve never really needed an excuse to drink. But, I have to admit, the thought of attending the 2009 World Series of Beer Pong did cross [...]

Stripper Golf Rules, Part 2

A while back, we posted some Rules for Stripper Golf.  Well, we have a new rule for the list, thanks to some folks in Colorado: 6) When playing stripper golf, make sure the kids are off the course first.  And out of the clubhouse. Here’s what happens when you don’t. Are there more we should [...]