OK, we get a lot of emails about upcoming movies, CDs, etc.  Every once in a while, one peaks our interest. The other day, we got one that did just that: Leatherheads. Scrolling through the email, we see a picture that makes it look promising: And we think, “Well, it’s got George Clooney, but that [...]

More Girls with Guns

Fortunately, SubGuns.com isn’t the only Web site that features chicks getting exercising their second amendment rights–there’s also GirlsAndGuns.com, which isn’t just about the looks–it’s actually a competition.  The site offers DVD’s, calendars and more, and is produced by ToughSportsLive.com, which also features bare knuckled Brazilian jujitsu matches and live cock fighting video feeds.  You can read [...]

Lingerie Bowl V…uh…IV?… Cancelled.

For the second year in a row, the Lingerie Bowl has been tragically cancelled.  After cancelling in 2007 due to what promoters blamed on the switch from pay per view to cable (ie, no one was willing to pay to see it, and no cable companies were willing to pay to air it), this year [...]

Worst Possible Super Bowl Scenario?

OK, so we followed a link on a blog that we follow to check out this clip of Lawrence Tynes on Letterman.  That’s when we discovered the worst possible scenario is playing out for the Super Bowl: it isn’t only Peyton Manning who is now annoying us in stupid ads that are shown about twice [...]

World Series of Beer Pong

Beer Pong for $50,000.  No wonder the terrorists hate us.  What are the odds that ESPN is airing this by 2009? The three day “competitive beer pong extravaganza” wraps up tomorrow at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Vegas (been there 5 times in the last two years, and I have no idea [...]

Making Tennis Entertaining

Not that I was really looking for a reason to watch a tennis tournament, but I found two.  The Madrid Masters in Spain is using adult models as ballgirls for the tournament.  Despite the negative reaction of Spanish government officials, equality groups and (not sure why his opinion on this matters) Andre Agassi, the marketing [...]