Injured Wide Receiver Plans Return

Houston wide receiver Patrick Edwards, who broke his leg last year when he ran into a cart alongside the field at Marshall, expects to return to action next season at full strength.  He was Houston’s leading receiver at the time of the gruesome injury. If you’re wondering why this is news, it’s mainly an excuse [...]

More Sports Injuries Added

Watching the Vikings game today, saw another one of those gruesome sports injuries that for some reason facinate us.  Unfortunately it was a Viking–Charles Gordon–suffering the injury (which, in our expert medical opinion, was probably a dislocated and broken ankle, and/or broken leg). Also reminded us that someone recently sent us a link to a [...]

Tom Brady Tears ACL – Out For Year

OK, the fact that Tom Brady tore his ACL last Sunday against the Chiefs and is out for the year isn’t exactly news.  If you’re a football fan, you know this.  Hell, if you’re not a football fan, odds are you’ve heard. However, the fact that we’ve posted a picture of the Tom Brady torn [...]

Moving to Paraguay

Here at Manlyweb, we’re on top of the important Olympics stories–like this one, which discovered the identity of the woman in the picture to the right, who was spotted during the opening ceremonies. Her name is Leryn Franco, and she’s javelin…tosser(?) for the Paraguayan team.  At 26, she’s making her second Olympics appearance, after finishing in [...]

New Hockey Injury Added–Richard Zednik

If you’re one of the loyal Manlyweb readers (you lucky few), you probably already know that we have a Sports Injury section of the site, which we try to update with some regularity.  Well, we thought we’d pass along the latest update–Richard Zednick, who plays for the Florida Panthers (hoc-key?), had his neck sliced last [...]

NFL Veterans’ Injuries

I’m sure that by us posting this, that Men’s Journal’s Web site traffic will go through the roof, and they’ll contact us to finally figure out how they should be publishing on the Web.   Joking aside, I only hope that Men’s Journal isn’t one of those stupid Web sites that takes content down after a [...]