Seattle Crook Not Too Smart

Seattle police were dispatched to a local peep show strip club last Saturday at 2am to arrest a patron.  Not an unruly guest, or someone causing problems with dancers–but rather someone who was trying to break into the dancers dressing room. Because, you know, apparently there he might be able to see them…oh, wait, that’s [...]

Driver Gets 56 Tickets in 13-minute Pursuit

In what might be a new record, 21-year old Joshua Bracci of Greece, NY, was given 56 traffic tickets by the Greece Police Department and State Police after leading officers on a 13-minute chase through town, at speeds reaching approximately 111 MPH. Greece also managed to hit a parked car, and back into a squad [...]

Moviegoer Shoots Man on Cell Phone

In a case of “I don’t condone it, but I understand it” (or as a local radio station said, it fits Chris Rock’s take on OJ Simpson of “Not saying [he should have done it]…but I understand”), a movie patron in Philadelphia got fed up with a man talking loudly on his cell phone during [...]

Man Rams Playboy Gates

A Ventura County man was arrested last week after ramming his car into the gates of the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills.  After his release, he went back and did it again–but escaped before police could arrive.  No word on whether Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends were home at the time.  Detectives believe the incident [...]

When Beauty Contestants Attack!

To the right is Kumari Fulbright, Miss Pima County 2005, Miss Desert Sun 2006, and contestent for Miss Arizona during both those years.  In the image, she is posingwith an HK 51 for the 2008 calendar, which for just $12.99, features “a nice selection of your favorite NFA weapons lovingly displayed by twelve of [...]

Frenchwoman on trial for kissing “art”

French prosecutors Tuesday requested a hefty fine and a civics course against a woman who planted a lipstick-red kiss on a piece of artwork by US artist Cy Twombly. Seems fairly straight forward, until you read the details: 1) The piece of “artwork”, valued at 2 million Euros (which is somehow damn near $3 million [...]