16-Year Old Girls Can’t Sail, Either

Many 16-year old girls are excited to get their drivers licenses, so they can start terrorizing the roads while texting their friends (often whom are probably in the back seat).  But one 16-year old girl from Australia wasn’t satisfied with that–she decided to become a terror of the seas. Attempting to become the youngest person [...]

Moviegoer Shoots Man on Cell Phone

In a case of “I don’t condone it, but I understand it” (or as a local radio station said, it fits Chris Rock’s take on OJ Simpson of “Not saying [he should have done it]…but I understand”), a movie patron in Philadelphia got fed up with a man talking loudly on his cell phone during [...]

Man Suing Strip Club over Shoe Incident

A man in Florida is suing a strip club over a dancer’s flying shoe.  At least, that’s what the headline reads–which sounds ridiculous. As it turns out, it’s a bit more complicated than that–the shoe, which came off during a pole dance, flew off into the mirrored ceiling–causing the mirror to shatter, and rain glass [...]

Holy S**t–He Beat My GPA

We’ll ignore for the moment the fact that all t-shirts like this one are comparing a scale that usually goes to 4.0 and a scale on which 0.5 technically means you’re dead–at least in the state of Rhode Island, where a man was arrested early Tuesday with a measured blood alcohol reading of .491.  That’s [...]

Three Articles That (Unfortunately) Caught Our Eye

As you may have noticed if you’ve seen more than one of our posts, there is a wide variety to the sites that we visit on a given day.  We also use MyYahoo! to track a fair number of RSS feeds–and for some stupid reason, one day a few years ago, we included the Entertainment [...]