Mummy Found in 1959 Playmate’s House

Officials in Los Angeles County are trying to identify a mummified body found in the house of cult film actress and Playboy’s Miss July 1959 Yvette Vickers. ┬áThe body is suspected to be of Vickers herself. A neighbor discovered the body last week, after entering her house upon noticing cobwebs and yellowing letters in the [...]

Playboy: One Good Idea, One Bad

Playboy made the news a couple times in the past couple of weeks. First, in a move that seems to follow a long run of questionable moves related to the Internet, they announced that they are going to start a “Safe For Work” web site, called The Smoking Jacket, to compete with Maxim, Stuff and [...]

Girls Gone Wild Reality Show

I generally hate reality shows. I’m generally not a Mark Cuban fan. Put the two together, and you get…a travesty. At least at first. But Cuban, or at least his HDNet network, is taking another stab–and this time they may hit a home run. The series is titled “Girls Gone Wild Presents: Search for the [...]

Strippers to the Rescue–Again

As another state looks at cutting their budget in these tight times–New York Governor David Peterson has proposed $11 million in program cutbacks for after school programs–at least one local strip clubs have stepped up to try and help out. Illusion Gentleman’s Club on Long Island is starting to charge a voluntary surcharge on admission, [...]

Female Professor Confirms – Men Are Better at Parking

Scientists at a German University recently published the results of a study that confirmed that men really are better at parking–straight on or parallel, and actually are still quicker at it than women as well. Particularly interesting was that the co-author of the study was a woman–Dr. Claudia Wolf–who took on the study in part [...]

Hugh Hefner Files for Divorce

More than 10 years after separating from wife Kimberly Conrad Hefner, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has filed for divorce. Hefner is asking a judge to order him to pay $20,000 per month in spousal support–half what he is currently paying–for two years, or until a divorce trial can be completed. Hef and Kimberly Conrad were [...]