Want Porn? There’s an App for that…

With the launch of the 3.0 iPhone from Apple comes an important development in the long term future of the medium–the ability to download a porn application (yes, there finally is an app for that). Previous versions of the iPhone did not allow pornographic material, going so far as to block an app that allowed [...]

Hefner to Sell Mansion…next to Playboy Mansion

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has listed his Los Angeles mansion for sale for $28-million dollars.  But before you go breaking your piggy bank to count your pennies and dreaming of fun in the grotto, be aware that it’s not THAT mansion–it’s the house next door, which he bought in 1998. The house, which is a [...]

Lingerie Bowl VI Set to Kick Off

After two years of cancellations, Super Bowl fans will once again be able to delight in the ultimate in halftime entertainment…Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl!  Wait–that was never cancelled–oh, yeah, we mean Lingerie BowlVI! Lingerie Bowls IV and V were both cancelled due, first in 2007 due to lack of people willing to pay to watch [...]

Another Tournament Worth Excelling At

Some friends of mine regularly get together for drinks, and depending on the location, almost always end up playing those touch screen video games at the bar.  Their game of choice: Penthouse Erotic Photo Hunt That’s the game where you have two Penthouse Pet of the Month pictures (usually from the 80′s) side by side, [...]

Bailout Plan We Can Get Our Hands Around

First it was the banks.  Then it was the automobiles.  Next up, finally an industry wants a bailout that we can support–the porn industry.  Led by Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis, the adult entertainment industry will apparently request that Congress pass a $5 billion bailout package. Flynt and Francis [...]

Man Suing Strip Club over Shoe Incident

A man in Florida is suing a strip club over a dancer’s flying shoe.  At least, that’s what the headline reads–which sounds ridiculous. As it turns out, it’s a bit more complicated than that–the shoe, which came off during a pole dance, flew off into the mirrored ceiling–causing the mirror to shatter, and rain glass [...]