Lawyer Wrongfully Suspended?

A lawyer in DeKalb, Illinois, was suspended for 15-months for misconduct this past week by the The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, simply for harkening back to the days of yesterday, and utilizing the barter system with one of his clients to cover part of her bill. The lawyer and his client agreed that [...]

Megan Fox…Russian Stripper…Aerosmith Ballads…AARRGH!

I think my heart just exploded.  I typically hate celebrity and fashion magazines.  Even those like Maxim and FHM, which started out as great ideas, but became bloated with fashion ads and cologne samples. But every once in a while, they come up with the kind of story or interview that deserves Pulitzer consideration. Like [...]

Moving to Paraguay

Here at Manlyweb, we’re on top of the important Olympics stories–like this one, which discovered the identity of the woman in the picture to the right, who was spotted during the opening ceremonies. Her name is Leryn Franco, and she’s javelin…tosser(?) for the Paraguayan team.  At 26, she’s making her second Olympics appearance, after finishing in [...]

Stripper Golf Rules, Part 2

A while back, we posted some Rules for Stripper Golf.  Well, we have a new rule for the list, thanks to some folks in Colorado: 6) When playing stripper golf, make sure the kids are off the course first.  And out of the clubhouse. Here’s what happens when you don’t. Are there more we should [...]

Bikini Lawn Care Service

We make fun of the local news sometimes because of the ridiculous stories that they broadcast, claiming to be news or human interest, but in reality are just time filler. But we’ve never seen the local news do a story like this. All the female broadcasters were out for the day, so the horny old [...]

Maxim Hot 100..kind of

Seems like just weeks ago that FHM was coming out with their annual FHM Sexiest 100 list.  Oh, right, it was (at least, when we got to it). Well, today Maxim sent out a release about their annual Hot 100 List.  Or Hot 83 list, depending on how well their fancy slide show loader works for you. [...]