Lingerie Bowl V…uh…IV?… Cancelled.

For the second year in a row, the Lingerie Bowl has been tragically cancelled.  After cancelling in 2007 due to what promoters blamed on the switch from pay per view to cable (ie, no one was willing to pay to see it, and no cable companies were willing to pay to air it), this year [...]

What Women Put Us Through

Building off of the Things Women Make Us Do post from yesterday, here’s a guy who didn’t take the route of suing his wife’s new lover–nope, he went to the butcher’s shop and got a cow’s head instead, and mailed it to the guy.  Not sure if Pennsylvania has a “Cuckolded Spouse” route, but I’m [...]

When Beauty Contestants Attack!

To the right is Kumari Fulbright, Miss Pima County 2005, Miss Desert Sun 2006, and contestent for Miss Arizona during both those years.  In the image, she is posingwith an HK 51 for the 2008 calendar, which for just $12.99, features “a nice selection of your favorite NFA weapons lovingly displayed by twelve of [...]

Playboys for Playoff Tickets

So it’s not the most timely article, but some yahoo in Colorado wanted to trade 25 years worth of Playboys for tickets to see his Rockies get their asses kicked in the World Series.  In and of itself not that big of a deal.  Here’s the problems I have with it: The wife wanted them [...]

Making Tennis Entertaining

Not that I was really looking for a reason to watch a tennis tournament, but I found two.  The Madrid Masters in Spain is using adult models as ballgirls for the tournament.  Despite the negative reaction of Spanish government officials, equality groups and (not sure why his opinion on this matters) Andre Agassi, the marketing [...]

New York Jets add Cheerleaders!

OK, it’s not really recent news, nor big news, but I just realized that the New York Jets have added Cheerleaders to their sidelines this season, called the ‘Flight Crew.’  Apparently they realized they weren’t going to be that good this year.  That leaves only six NFL teams without Cheerleaders. It’s also an opportunity for [...]