Holy S**t–He Beat My GPA

We’ll ignore for the moment the fact that all t-shirts like this one are comparing a scale that usually goes to 4.0 and a scale on which 0.5 technically means you’re dead–at least in the state of Rhode Island, where a man was arrested early Tuesday with a measured blood alcohol reading of .491.  That’s [...]

Three Articles That (Unfortunately) Caught Our Eye

As you may have noticed if you’ve seen more than one of our posts, there is a wide variety to the sites that we visit on a given day.  We also use MyYahoo! to track a fair number of RSS feeds–and for some stupid reason, one day a few years ago, we included the Entertainment [...]

Masturbation: Not Just Exercise Anymore…

God bless those Aussies–they’ve published the results from a study that indicates that regular masturbation may cut prostate cancer risks amongst males. The study indicates that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life. And, to top it off–intercourse may not have the [...]

Ultimate Waste of Money?

Unlike many people, the whole Guitar Hero thing hasn’t struck a chord with us here at Manlyweb–we can’t play a real guitar, but if my choices were to try to learn Guitar Hero, or learn the real guitar, the real guitar wins every time–at least chicks might dig that. Even our most frequent hangout, known [...]

Virginia Law Makers Go Too Far

They can take away our cigarettes, and tax us to hell and back, but the state lawmakers in Virginia have taken things too far this time–they’re trying to take away my balls. To be specific, they’re trying to make it a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $250 to hang a pair of [...]

Frenchwoman on trial for kissing “art”

French prosecutors Tuesday requested a hefty fine and a civics course against a woman who planted a lipstick-red kiss on a piece of artwork by US artist Cy Twombly. Seems fairly straight forward, until you read the details: 1) The piece of “artwork”, valued at 2 million Euros (which is somehow damn near $3 million [...]