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Anti-Shopping Mall

OK, ok--we know that a site for "Real Men" probably shouldn't have a Shopping section to it. So what's up?

Well, we decided we needed a way to try to make a little bit of money running this site, rather than just throwing it in a hole year after year--and our partnership with Amazon can go only so far.

Second, shopping sucks--especially at the mall--so why not shop online if you know the retailer is reliable?

And don't worry, we're not going to just slap up a bunch of links and ask you to use them. We will do some of that, but we'll also put up store and product reviews for the stuff that we've bought and used ourselves.

Anti-Mall Sections:
Featured Store:
Store Reviews: Under Construction
Product Reviews: Under Construction
Tools & Toys: Under Construction
Sports Stuff: Under Construction
Beer: Under Construction
Home Stuff: Under Construction
Adult Stuff: Under Construction  Random Other Stuff: Under Construction 




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