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Let's face it, basketball is damn near unwatchable these days--and we're not even talking about the WNBA, here (which is unwatchable for completely different reasons).

From the punk-ass thug behavior, to the final two minutes taking 45 minutes (and being the only part that really matters), the only thing that consistently is fun to watch at a basketball game is the dance teams. Even the NCAA and their March Madness isn't that fun to watch anymore, since you know, all the guys that would be fun to watch are busy making millions to sit the pine in the NBA.

Still, the NBA is taking some steps forward--they're finally preventing high schoolers who aren't yet ready for the NBA but can't spell kollege from making the leap--although only by a year. Here's hoping that sooner or later they add a salary cap that is actually understandable, and maybe start calling traveling again--and figure out a way to eliminate the thug behavior (good luck on that one, David Stern).

In the mean time, here's a list of the NBA Champions and NBA Finals MVPs dating back to 1947.




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