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National Football League

The NFL is the most popular professional sports league in the United States (possibly the world) today. Why?

Because it's violent, it requires a very short attention span, you can consume mass quantities of food and beer and still enjoy it, and no matter how much your team sucked ass last year, they've got a chance this year (as long as the owner isn't a tight wad, general manager isn't an idiot, and your coach isn't a moron).

It also doesn't hurt that the NFL has avoided strikes and lockouts for more than 25 years (way to go, MLB), doesn't allow children to play at the pro level (looking at you, NBA), and hasn't been just been introduced to states south of Minnesota in the last 10 years (the year off didn't help, NHL).

And as long as the NFL doesn't screw things up (very possible, given the greed of some owners), the popularity should continue.

Manlyweb is currently developing more content around the NFL--not exactly sure what, yet--but in the meantime, here's our look at the NFL Super Bowl results.


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