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EJ Henderson Broken Femur

The Minnesota Vikings stayed on the gruesome injury list two years in a row. Less than a year after defensive back Charles Gordon broke his ankle, middle linebacker EJ Henderson suffered a broken femur during a Sunday Night Football game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Henderson was hit on the play by teammate Jamarca Sanford, who connected with Henderson's leg as it was fully extended and his foot was planted in the turf.

In the initial hit, you could see the injury, but many viewers of the video initially didn't think it that bad--until you see his leg bend in an unnatural way as Henderson twisted through the air. At that point, the video becomes one of the more gruesome football injury videos I've seen.

And of course, NBC had to show at least one replay of it--with Al Michaels commenting "Rough break for a guy who missed most of last year..."



EJ Henderson Broken Femur Injury Video 1











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