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Tom Brady Torn ACL

Tom Brady is THE super star of the NFL. Defending MVP, undefeated regular season, NFL record 50 touchdown passes, dating Gisele, etc, etc, etc. And has remained fairly popular, even while playing for the New England Patriots, who thanks to success, Bill Belichek and a rather annoying fan base, have become one of the more hated franchises in the league.

But still, no one really likes to see what happened to Brady on Opening Day of the 2008 season, when in the first quarter, a Chiefs defensive back hit him in the lower leg as a Patriots blocker was falling on him--and right as Brady was planting for a throw.

The video replays never looked too bad, and the picture below isn't particularly gruesome compared to some like Tyrone Prothro or Joe Theisman. Still, knees aren't supposed to bend like that.


Brady will miss the rest of the 2008 season with the torn ACL.



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