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Sports Injuries

We spend a lot of time scouring the Web for weird and obscure things when we're bored at work, and one area we've found ourselves repeatedly looking for are sports injuries.

We're not really sure why it is we're so obsessed with gruesome sports injuries and sports injury pictures, although it may stem back to watching Tim Krumrie's leg snap in Super Bowl XXII, or seeing Napolean McCallum get his leg folded in half on Monday Night Football in 1994, an injury that nearly led amputation.

Or it could have been our buddy that had a tape of Lawrence Taylor and Gary Reasons snapping Joe Theisman's leg (the tibia and the fibula), which he would watch before games to get himself psyched up (he was just a little odd like that).

Regardless, we decided that we should probably have a collection of these injuries on Manlyweb, so all the other twisted people on the web could find them as well.



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