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Tim Krumrie Broken Leg Video

Tim Krumrie was a rising star for the Cincinnati Bengals, elected to the Pro Bowl in 1987 and 1988. On the 14th play of Super Bowl XXIII, while trying to tackle Roger Craig, Krumrie suffered a broken leg when his cleats caught in the turf, and his leg graphically flopped around--and typically, it took the announcers two replays to see it.

Not surprisingly, the NFL made YouTube take down the video clip of Krumrie during Super Bowl XXIII. If anyone happens to see another copy make it somewhere, let us know. In the mean time, here are some (small) photos that we were able to purchase of the injury:

Tim Krumrie Breaks his leg in Super Bowl XXIII Krumrie in pain

Krumrie after breaking his leg Krumrie carted off the field


Supposedly, Krumrie stayed in the locker room until the game was finished, refusing to leave his teammates. He then had a 15-inch rod inserted in his leg to repair two breaks in his tibia and one in his fibula, yet he returned to training camp the following summer. Krumrie played for six more years, although it is generally believed never up to the form he displayed before the injury.



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