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Napoleon McCallum Shredded Knee Video

Another clip that we remember seeing live--Ken Norton tackles Napoleon McCallum, falling on his leg as he does so. The Monday Night crew initially thinks that Norton is hurt, when in reality, he just couldn't move becuase McCallum ended up on top of him.

And a classic announcing job by the MNF crew too--Dierdorf's 'Don't look at this if you don't want to see it' is possibly the best line I've heard uttered during an injury replay, never mind that he's saying it as the knee is folding in half on the second replay (why do they always have to show multiple replays?). The 'Eeew' in the background is a nice touch too.


Unfortunately, the injury ended McCallum's career. Fortunately, after six surgeries and painful rehabilitation, he was able to walk again--doctors were afraid at one point that he may lose the leg after suffering a dislocated knee, three torn ligaments, a ruptured artery, calf and hamstring muscles torn from the bone and nerve damage.



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