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MLB Cheerleaders

Well, apparently I stand corrected--at least a few baseball teams have used cheerleaders. The Toronto Blue Jays have the J-Cru (and if you can figure out why that page is on the Texas Rangers page, you're smarter than we are--maybe the Jays traded the Cru to the Rangers for some more horribly overpaid pitching?), the Florida Marlins have the Marlins Mermaids to draw attention away from the fact that they suck (can be seen in the April 2006 FHM) and have traded away most of their star players, and the San Diego Padres apparently have the 'Pad Squad' (pronounced 'Pod') to run around and toss t-shirts into the crown--although I'm not sure I would want to see them wearing spandex and dancing on the dugouts, from what I've seen.

And in 1996, the Walt Disney Company (of all companies) introduced the Angel Wings Cheerleaders after they bought the Angels--who were heckled for blocking the view of the action while dancing on the visitors' dugout, moved to and outfield platform to lead "dance-offs" and were abandoned after one season.

Apparently all it takes to need some cheerleaders in baseball is a team that's devoid of talent--of all teams listed, San Diego was the only team that made the playoffs when they had cheerleaders, and we'd hardly call winning the division at 82-80 being all that great (and like I said, they really don't look like much of a cheerleading squad--way too much clothing).

Even the Expos had the Molson EX Girls, and look where it got them--Washington DC!

If you have pictures of any MLB Cheerleaders or MLB Dance Teams, please feel free to send them to us.


MLB Players Wives & Girlfriends

Since there aren't many cheerleaders to look at, we'll have to stick with the players' wives for now, I guess. Here are a few known MLB hotties:

Anna Benson - Outspoken wife of pitcher Kris Benson, has said she'd screw his whole team if he ever cheated on her, and has admitted to having sex in the parking lot at Stadiums. She can also be seen in the April 2006 issue of FHM.

Anna Benson Links: ESPN Page 3 Interview, AskMen Profile

Melissa Lima - Jose Lima's wife, became an intenet legend after Jose sang the national anthem before a game at Dodger stadium,and MLB posted a picture of Melissa Lima standing next to her husband. After complaints, they replaced the picture with a version that had cropped her out--I wonder why?

Lisa Guerrero - Wife of Yankees (hopefully soon to be retired) pitcher, Scott Erikson, Guererro has also been an NFL Cheerleader (for the LA Rams), a sideline reporter for Monday Night Football, a regular on The Best Damn Sports Show Period, and as of January 2006, cover girl and featured model for Playboy Magazine.

Alyssa Milano - Former 'Who's The Boss' child star, in recent years has been linked to multiple baseball players--Carl Pavano, Barry Zito, and most recently Brad Penny. All Pitchers. Hmmmm....does that make her a Catcher? She also dated NHL journeyman Wayne McBean in the late 80's, so I guess she's a hockey girlfriend too...

Jessica Canseco - Became famous for marrying Jose Canseco...and getting beaten up by him (allegedly)...and divorcing him...and posing in Playboy...and writing a tell all book about the affairs, threesomes, and plastic surgery. Oh yeah, she was also a Hooters girl in Cleveland.

Lynne Austin - Playboy's Playmate of the Month for July 1986 was married to Phildelphia Phillies catcher Darren Daulton in the early 1990's. She was also one of the first Hooters girls. Hmm, baseball players must really like those buffalo wings...

Sonia Lo Duca - Former Playboy model, most famous for divorcing husband and Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca, after he was caught cheating with a 19-year old. Oh yeah, she too was apparently a Hooters girl...



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