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NBA Dance Teams

Dance teams almost make the NBA watchable. If they could just find a way to involve the dance teams more AND shorten the games (especially the last two minutes, which typically takes 45 minutes), the NBA would be on to something.

Here's a list of links that will take you to each NBA Dance Teams page. Unlike the NFL, every team has a Dance team (even though some teams don't do much for them on their websites...we're looking at you, Boston Celtics). Some teams have also started a disturbing trend of having fat guy dance squads (we're looking at you Houston...), but don't worry--we've done our best to avoid linking to anything like that.

We'll also post any pictures we take at games, or any you send us.

Team Dance Squad Additional Pics
Atlanta Hawks Hawks Dance Team
Boston Celtics Green Team
Charolette Bobcats Bobcats Dance Team Submitted Pics
Chicago Bulls Chicago Luvabulls
Cleveland Cavaliers Cavalier Girls
Dallas Mavericks Mavs Dancers
Denver Nuggets Nuggets Dancers
Detroit Pistons Automotion
Golden State Warriors Warrior Girls
Houston Rockets Power Dancers
Indiana Pacers Pacemates
Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dance Team
Los Angeles Lakers Laker Girls
Memphis Grizzlies Grizzlies Dance Team
Miami Heat HEAT Dancers
Milwaukee Bucks Energee
Minnesota Timberwolves Timberwolves Dance Team
New Jersey Nets Nets Dancers
New Orleans Hornets Honeybees
New York Knicks Knicks City Dancers
Orlando Magic Magic Dancers
Philadelphia 76ers Sixers Dancers
Phoneix Suns Suns Dancers
Portland Trailblazers Blazerdancers
Sacramento Kings Kings Court Dancers
San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers
Seattle Supersonics Sonics Dance Team
Toronto Raptors Dance Pak
Utah Jazz Jazz Dancers




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