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Jenn Sterger
Who the hell is Jenn Sterger (or Jenn Streger, for those of you who mistyped it, like I first did)? You've probably seen the pictures before--she's the Florida State Cowgirl, aka the "Facebook Princess" who turned a few seconds of TV fame at a Miami/Florida State football game into Internet fame. She'll be appearing in Maxim (March 2006 issue) and Playboy (May 2006 issue, I believe).

All this, and supposedly she's got a 3.75 GPA while majoring in Psychology and Criminology and wants to go to law school. Personally, we think her friend Chrystal Durnan is hotter...but it's not like we'd kick either of them out of bed for eating chips...

Check out some Jenn Sterger Pics.

And here's a Jenn Sterger profile, along with an article she wrote for along with their photo gallery, an interview on some blog, and an article on the Tampa Bay Times (with more pictures).

Oh yeah, she's (of course) working on an official Jenn Sterger site too.




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