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NHL Ice Girls

Earlier this year, a reader alerted us that the some NHL teams do actually have something close to cheerleaders--Ice Girls. Apparently the ice girls scoop ice, throw t-shirts, and interact with the crowd.

Anaheim Ducks Power Players

Atlanta Thrashers Blue Crew

Boston Bruins Ice Girls

Calgary Flames Ice Crew

Carolina Hurricanes BCBSNC Storm Squad

Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew

Dallas Stars Planet Tan Ice Girls

Nashville Predators Goal Girls

New York Islander Ice Girls

Philadelphia Flyers Delta Dental Ice Team

Pittsburgh Penguins Delta Dental Penguins Patrol (an ice team with some guys mixed in)

Tampa Bay Lightning Ice Girls

Some teams also have dance teams:

Florida Panthers Ice Dancers

Nashville Predators Dancers

Phoenix Coyotes The Pack

Tampa Bay Lightning Energy Team (an Energy Team with guys? WTF?)


NHL Players Wives/Girlfriends

Apparently there's something about mullets and missing teeth that just attracts the ladies...

Candace Cameron Bure - The former star of Full House, she grew into a hottie and married Russian hockey star Valeri Bure. She now has three kids and touts online christian homeschooling academies...WTF?

Anna Kournikova - One of the most famous hockey groupies, the not quite talented enough to win tennis matches but fun to watch running around in tight outfits Kournikova was reportedly engaged to Pavel Bure (older brother of Valeri), and reportedly married Sergei Federov in 2001 for a short time.

Janet Jones - Actress and Playboy model, she married 'The Great One' Wayne Gretzky in 1988. Even in her 40's (and allegedly illegally gambling on sports), she don't look too bad.



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